A Farewell to Break Your Heart

Let’s assume a scenario: you are told by a doctor that you have less than one year to live without any American medical insurance (aka 美国医保), and you have a little daughter. Even if you have health insurance in the United States (aka 美国医疗保险), it will bring in a big financial burden for your family after your death. What would be your first thoughts? To receive treatment or to await death peacefully?

Christmas for Lene Pearce and her five-year-old daughter was, quite simply, magical. Yet there was a sharp poignancy to the scenes of excitement at their Nottingham home as an excited Lexi-Ann tore open her presents. For, heartbreakingly, it is likely to have been Lene’s last.

And although she is willing herself to survive for as long as possible, Lene has written her daughter a card for next Christmas — a message of comfort to her only child — just in case she does not make it.

Always know that I love you from the bottom of my heart and that I’ll be looking down over you,’ it reads. ‘Enjoy Christmas time with fun, laughter and family, and I will always be an angel alongside you. Forever in my heart and soul, love always Mum.’

At just 41, Lene is living on borrowed time. She has motor neurone disease (MND), a rare and incurable degenerative condition that affects the brain and nerves and is slowly robbing her of her ability to move and speak. Last September doctors told her she had about a year to live.

When Lene was told this would be her last Christmas, her first thoughts were for the little girl she’ll leave behind. Her inspiring solution? Poignant cards and letters to be opened for decades to come — in the ultimate legacy of love.

she is planning for her imminent death, for the years Lexi will spend without her, and has written birthday cards to take her daughter right up to the year 2053 — by which time she will have turned 40.

Too weak to hold a pen for any length of time, Lene spent hours dictating the messages to a carer, before laboriously signing a wobbly signature of ‘Mummy x’ for each one.

The messages in the cards are fond, tender and touching. Often funny and always affectionate, they chart a mother’s enduring love.

They anticipate her little girl’s progress through adolescence to adulthood — and their poignancy is sharpened because Lexi will be reading them long after her mum has gone.

The fierce maternal love always hit our deepest heart.

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