Finding A Suitable Hotel To Quarantine Yourself In Bangkok

The global pandemic has thrown the world into chaos with the travel restrictions that have been made mandatory. One of the restrictions is going into quarantine when arriving in Thailand from abroad. There has been some bad press about some of the quarantine facilities offered by the government. If you do not fancy staying in one of these facilities, there are alternatives available. Below is some advice to help you find alternative quarantine that may help make the ordeal more manageable and comfortable for the duration of your stay.

Where In Thailand You Will Be Arriving?

There are various locations throughout Thailand that you can arrive in from abroad, so if you prefer where in the country you will do your quarantine, you will need to fly into an appropriate airport. Once you arrive at the airport, you will not be able to travel apart from going to the quarantine facilities, and you will also have to keep in mind the reduced flights which can make it harder to get to where you want to be. If you are looking for something simple to arrange, Bangkok is the best destination, with various ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) hotels from which you can choose.

Finding A Comfortable Hotel

Before you book your ASQ hotel in Bangkok, you will need to do some research and look at reviews of potential places to stay. There has been some bad media coverage of some of the conditions in some ASQ hotels, so to avoid staying somewhere that will seem hellish it is worth the time and effort. You can use your favourite search engine or one of the many review websites where people share their experiences. Doing some research before selecting your ASQ hotel will help to ensure you are comfortable and your stay is not too bad.

The Different Packages Available

You will need to check to see how long you must quarantine for, and there are various packages available for different durations of stay. The most expensive option is the 15 nights stay, but you may also be able to choose an eleven or eight-night stay, depending on where you have travelled from and if you have had a vaccine. The cost will depend on the length of your stay and the package you choose, and on average, you can be paying around 50,000.-THB for a fifteen-night stay in an ASQ hotel. Shop around and look at all the hotels offering this service, and ensure you look at customer reviews, and you can make your ASQ quarantine stay a much more comfortable one

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