Get to Know the Main Stress Triggers and How to Cope

Stress is normal and everyone experiences it. The definition of stress differs from one to another. For example, one person gets frustrated with traffic jam, while others enjoy music and regards it to be a normal inconvenience. Stress can even be motivating. It can help to complete the last mile in the marathon race or get a promotion.

 The majority of times people are aware of what is the cause of stress. However, keeping stress in control to reduce its effects can hamper the health of your body and mind. Therefore, get familiar with the different causes of stress and how to let go and move onwhich is crucial for the betterment of overall health.

The main stress triggers and its impact on health

Financial issues

Financial stress symptoms are –

  • Feeling worried about money.
  • Feeling guilty while spending cash on non-essential stuff.
  • Quarreling with nearest and dearest about expenses.
  • Feeling afraid to answer the phone or open the mail.

Over time, financial stress can result in distress that causes an increase in blood pressure, upset stomach, insomnia, chest pain, and a feel of sickness. It is also associated with anxiety, depression, arthritis, diabetes, and skin issues.

How to cope? – Understand the debt cycle, boost your income, control your finances with regular budget assessment, and practice stress-reducing techniques.

Workplace issues

Job stresses include insecurity, too much work, dissatisfaction with career, and disagreement with coworkers/boss. Prioritizing a job more than everything will impact your health and personal relationships.

Work-related stress include –

  • Fatigue & headache
  • Muscle tension & pain
  • Heart palpitations anxiety & depression
  • Difficulty in concentration & decision making

Job stress can impact the behavior of the victim, which prompts low patience, increased frustration, diminished creativity, poor work performance, disinterest, isolation, and an increase in sick leaves.

How to cope? – Identify your stressors, develop healthy responses, establish boundaries, take a break to revitalize, learn relaxation techniques, and if necessary some professional support.

Personal relationships

Nearest and dearest ones including family, friends, an intimate partner or a close colleague can be the reason for stress. Common personal relationship stressors among couples are because of busyness responsibilities get overlooked, communication-gap gets created, regular fights occur with the abusive blame game, and both start thinking about divorce. All this can hamper sleep and trigger depression. Relationship conflicts take a toll on emotional and physical health. It leaves a person feel overwhelmed, frazzled, and less confident to handle stress in life. So remember, you need to respond stress differently.

How to cope? Reevaluate your relationship, detect the demanding ones, and eliminate or minimize these damaging relationships from your life.

Parenting issues

Parents have to handle busy schedules including a job, raising kids, and household duties, which creates stress. High-level parenting tress causes them to be harsh and dominant in communicating with their children. It can deteriorate the parent-child relationship quality.

How to cope? Never bring job stress home, choose fun activities with kids, relax & recharge, and never try to be a supermom but ask for support at times. Even keep your life balanced that includes exercise and break. More good times with your children mean happy communication with them, which can help to parent challenges gracefully.

Author Bio – Celine Healy is a speaker, writer, blogger, and a trainer on topics such as: stress reduction, wellness formulas to boost energy, leadership and corporate well-being. Celine approaches these topics from a scientific point of view. “If you can’t measure something, you will never understand it.”

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