New To NYC? Here’s A Wish List of the Best Experiences!

NYC is known for many things, right from Lady Liberty to Central Park and cheap pizzas. A trip to New York City can be hugely rewarding, and if you are here for the first time, it only makes sense to spend your money on some of the iconic experiences. Here is a wish list for your help.

  • Find jazz clubs. You can check online for upcoming jazz concerts in NYC, and some of the jazz clubs here are famed for decades. Even if you don’t really understand the genre, the performers, ambience, and the overall enthusiasm of people will make it worthwhile.
  • Plan a New York Helicopter Tour. This can be expensive, but there is nothing like watching a legendary city from the top, moving over some of the iconic landmarks. Most tours last for about 30 minutes and can be satisfying in huge measures.

  • Get tickets for a Broadway show. Broadway is never overhyped and all the money spent on those expensive tickets of The Phantom of the Opera is definitely worthy. If you head to Times Square, you might find tickets TKTS booth at a much cheaper rate for same day shows.
  • Head to the Brooklyn Bridge. While you can ride over Brooklyn Bridge, we recommend a long 30-40-minute walk with someone you love. The views of Lower Manhattan are stunning, and you can also take a stroll or grab something to eat at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • Go for the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island. This is an experience we swear by. The ride has featured in many movies and you get 12 drops during the ride, with amazing elevation shifts. Every time you look around, you can have a fantastic view of this majestic city.
  • Enjoy a picnic at Central Park. Central Park can be considered as the hub for fun activities for the locals, and you don’t have to be lucky to spot sporting events and concerts, all of which are typically free. There are services that also offer organized picnics.

  • Don’t miss the pizza. NYC is famed for its pizzerias, and there are many known names all over the city. The good news is it doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can grab a slice on the go. There are also rooftop restaurants that offer stunning experience and even better food.

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