The best places to rent a boat for the day

Anyone taking a summer vacation has a day on a boat on their bucket list. While Europe is having a heatwave with temperatures rising to well above 30°, tourists are eager to go on the water to feel the breeze of operating a boat at speed before travelling to a secluded bay. You may explore the coastline of the most exclusive locations with a boat hire!


One of the sailing centres, the Mediterranean’s “jewel” has a stunning infrastructure and various Monaco bat rental options. Leave the well-known Port Hercules and head to the bay of Eze where you may spend the day alone with just superyachts cruising the crystal-clear waters surrounding you. Lunch at Anjuna is a must-do with one of the most vibrant atmospheres. Another choice is to visit St. Tropez, the most vibrant city in the South of France. Getting together with pals from a St. Tropez villa will definitely be the perfect excuse to party in one of the many beach clubs on Pampelonne beach.

Lake Como

It is unnecessary to introduce Lake Como. The famous Rivas gained worldwide recognition after giving birth on the lake, which is only a short drive from Milan. The Milanese nobility chose the lakeshores to escape the heat of the city during the sweltering summer months. Other hotels on the bank of the mountain lake offer the highest level of luxury, however, some of the historic villas are now open to visitors. While in the neighbourhood, it is imperative to rent a typical Italian boat.


The Greek island of Mykonos is one of the jet set’s most popular vacation spots! In contrast to its past reputation as a low-cost Greek island, the island is now booming with luxury hotels and villas, and the various beach clubs host some of the greatest parties. Scorpios, the most well-known of them all, provide unmatched luxury on a fine beach. The Island’s ability to explore even the farthest bays and creeks without feeling the heat of the journey is made possible by renting a boat.

Take the time to reserve your boat a day in advance this summer because the vast majority of boats in these sought-after hotspots will sell out right away. Set sail for the most exclusive experiences in the most exclusive settings.

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