What makes Trakblaze’s Mobile Volumetric Scanner one of the best in the industry

In recent years, volumetric load scanning has become an increasingly popular weight-measuring system providing exciting opportunities for applications in a gamut of industries. This is a revolutionary approach to payload management that may be beneficial to your industrial, construction, mining, or agricultural processes.

Within the industries of rail, mining, and aviation, volumetric scanning is quickly replacing or complementing weighing. By utilizing an elevated scan head, volumetric scanning ensures even load distribution, reduces maintenance costs, and minimizes overloading with its laser precision and reliability.

By using 3D imaging software rather than a static scale, the truck volumetric scanner measures the bulk material loaded in a truck. Using this novel system, loaded trucks can have their volumes calculated automatically. In contrast to traditional scales, a suspended scanner measures the truckload automatically as it passes beneath it, records the results, and sends them directly to an operator.

Likewise, Trakblaze’s mobile volumetric scanning system uses laser scanning technology along with Loadscan software to determine the exact volume of loaded material. Using this system, you can measure actual volume instead of converting weight estimates while also recording a 3D colour profile per load. This eliminates customer or supplier disagreements over quantity, as well as the need to pay for water content.

As a result of its user-friendly interface, the machine combines several design elements, scanning specifications, and software functionality that are all attributable to meticulous engineering and software innovation, which, in turn, makes Trakblaze’s truck volumetric scanner one of the best in the industry.

There are many reasons why volumetric scanning from the Trakblaze is remarkable, including the following:

Zero Interference:

Apart from offering accurate and reliable performance, volumetric scanners are compatible with a plethora of weather conditions since they operate virtually. The function is also unaffected by debris, moisture content, and uneven loads. There is no external interference needed in their operation.

Accuracy & Efficiency:

In general, mobile volumetric scanners are one of the most valuable, efficient, and accurate tools due to their ability to capture accurate data rapidly while the vehicle is in motion. Additionally, a mobile volumetric scanner can be equipped with a 3D imaging system to monitor the load distribution, optimize it, and avoid damage to the product.


A volumetric scanner has a large capacity for storing data, is touchscreen-operated, and is linked to the outside world through the internet, which makes it very easy to use. You don’t need much experience to use the scanner; even a little training will do the work.

Easy Installation And Maintenance:

Mobile volumetric scanners do not require hard work to install, and they can be fitted effortlessly and can be relocated to any needed location. Also, they require little to no maintenance, saving both time and money.


At Trakblaze, we are proud to have set the industry standard for this new technology, which is sure to change the way payload management is approached in construction, mining, industrial, and agricultural applications.

If your business is looking for a mobile volumetric scanner, look no further than Trakblaze. Volumetric scanners, weighbridges, and weighing solutions are provided by Trakblaze to industries such as mining, rail, aviation, and road. The company’s only goal is to provide clients with high-quality weighing systems.


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