3 Tips For Helping People Of Older Generations Learn New Tech At Work

For some people, learning a new technology comes easy. But for others, especially those who might be older and less familiar with many forms of technology and software, adapting to something new can be a real challenge. 

Due to the number of people who belong to an older generation and are still in the workforce as opposed to living in assisted living facilities, it’s vital that companies and organizations learn how to teach new technology to their employees who might fall in this category. So to help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for helping people of older generations learn new tech at work. 

Find A Way To Limit Distractions From The Software

When there’s a piece of software that you’re wanting to incorporate into your company or with your workforce, one thing you should be aware of is any distraction that might make it harder for older people to focus entirely on the task at hand.

While many younger people can work through push notifications and alerts coming in at them, people who are older and not as familiar with this can find these things very distracting and intrusive. Because of this, you might want to help your older employees learn how to turn off these notifications as they are learning the software. This can help them feel less stressed about learning something new and allow them the chance to really focus their attention on what matters most. 

Give Them Projects That Require Learning Something New

If left to our own devices, many people won’t choose to do something that’s going to be hard or challenging for them. Knowing this, if you have something new that you want people to learn at work, you have to give them projects that require them to use this software or device

Oftentimes, when people can learn something new in a way that’s practical rather than theoretical, like using a new software or piece of technology to actually accomplish a task at work, they will have an easier time learning and remembering how to use this thing. 

Create A Mentorship Program

If you have people working for you that span all kinds of generations, one thing you might want to try is to put together a mentorship program. In this setup, you can match an older employee with a younger employee. Ideally, the older employee can help the younger employee through their years of experience in the workplace and the younger employee can help to answer any questions the older employee might have about software or technology. This can instill a sense of cooperation and collaboration between staff members that may not intentionally interact with each other otherwise. 

If you want to incorporate new tech into your workplace but aren’t sure how to get your older staff members onboard, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this. 

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