7 Tips to Protect Your Two Wheeler during Monsoon

Most of the two-wheeler owners hate to ride during the rainy season, no matter how blissful the climate seems. The roads become slippery, and your bike can get involved in sudden accidents due to the breaking down into the potholes. The roads are poorly maintained and so the number of accidents keeps increasing every year. If you wish to avoid financial liabilities, it is a must to service your bike regularly and purchase two wheeler insurance online.

​Given below are seven tips that will guide you in taking care of your vehicle in the monsoon.

  1. Park your two-wheeler in covered parking spots

Do not park your two-wheelers in the open during monsoon. Rainwater will get inside the vehicle, causing damage to the electrical parts and lead to long-term problems. Park your bike in a shed that will protect it from the rain.

  1. Look for parts such as the hinges, levers, and oil chains

When exposed to water, hooks, oil chains, and bars are prone to rust. This will cause a restriction in the movement of your bike. To avoid this issue, you must oil these parts regularly. Or, the battery terminals could be coated with grease so that water seepage is avoided.

  1. Check if your bike has powerful headlights

When you are riding your bike in heavy rains, there is a chance you face poor visibility. You will need powerful headlights to be able to see clearly on the roads even during the rains. You can even put reflective stickers on your vehicle so you are visible to the other drivers on roads, to avoid accidents.

  1. Protect your bike from catching rust

Due to the rains, there is a good chance for your bike parts to get rusted. Most of the two-wheelers these days have rust-resistance fiber bodies, but the mainframes are somehow made up of rust-prone metals. The damp climate can damage your vehicle parts, hence you must coat the metal frame with a layer of anti-rust protection.

  1. Wear a helmet

Protecting your bike from the rains is a must, but so is protecting yourself. While you’re enjoying the beautiful weather, do not compromise on your safety. Therefore, always wear a raincoat, gumboots, and a helmet before riding a bike in heavy rains.

  1. Protect your bike with a rain cover

There are chances that you won’t get a covered parking spot, as everything gets cluttered during the rains. To avoid this, do not forget to always carry a waterproof cover for your bike and use it when you cannot find a proper parking spot.

  1. Insurance & servicing

Firstly, check if your insurance policy is still active, as you require it even more during the rains. If not, then go for two wheeler insurance renewal as soon as you can. Talking about your bike, when there is extreme exposure of brakes and tires to water, it can get damaged. It is suggested that you get your vehicle serviced and do not take any risks during the monsoon.

Take the above-mentioned tips seriously to enjoy a smooth bike ride during monsoons as well. Once you’ve taken all of those tips into consideration, check if your two-wheeler insurance policy is well in place and the coverage is as per your requirements. It is mandatory as per the law to have at least a third-party insurance policy, so do not wait any longer, or penalties will be charged. Also, when you buy motor insurance online, make sure to read the exclusions carefully as it will help while filing an insurance claim in the future.

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