Budget Tips For Eco-friendly Home Interiors

Home interior designs are constantly changing. Many modern homes feature eco-friendly home decor designs because they are the need of the hour to protect the environment. If you want to play a role in protecting the environment as well, consider opting for an eco-friendly home. There are many eco-friendly and DIY room decor ideas you can come up with for your home. You can either talk to an interior designer or just research online to get home decorating ideas on a budget. However, you will have to be careful if you are low on budget. Even though you will come across lots of ideas, many options will cost you a lot of money. To help you design an eco-friendly home interior design on a budget, mentioned below are a few tips:

01 of 05 Opt for reclaimed wood

When you are planning to create eco-friendly home decorating ideas on a budget, you should avoid commonly chosen options like plywood, particleboard, or fibreboard. This is because these products contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is an organic chemical compound, which is harmful to your health and the environment. Hence, you should opt for other alternatives like reclaimed wood, which is eco-friendly. A great reclaimed wood flooring in your living space will help to ensure that your house is eco-friendly and appears appealing. You can create reclaimed wood cabinets and shelves for storage in your house. Also, reclaimed wood is sturdy and durable and will easily last a very long period of time. You can opt for reclaimed wood doors and windows as well.

02 of 05 Choose thermal curtains for your homes

Curtains are installed to add privacy and enhance the appeal of the interiors. Instead of choosing regular curtains, you can opt for thermal curtains as well. Besides performing the tasks of a regular curtain, thermal curtains help to save energy. This is because thermal curtains are great insulators of heat. During summers, they will prevent heat from entering your home and keep the interiors cool. Similarly, they will prevent heat from escaping from the interiors during winters. As a result, the inside temperature will not get affected much because of the change in temperature outside. Hence, the use of your AC and heater will get reduced. This will help to save money and also, create an eco-friendly home.

03 of 05 Pay attention to your lighting setup

The lighting setup in your home not only affects the aesthetic beauty of your home decor but will also impact its energy consumption. If you want to construct an eco-friendly home, you will have to pay attention to the lighting setup. One of the most important things you will have to keep in mind is that natural light is essential during the day to reduce your requirement for artificial lights. This will help to reduce your energy consumption as well. Install large glass windows so that sufficient sunlight can enter. You can consider installing a mirror near a window so that it reflects light and keeps the interior illuminated without the help of artificial light.

For your artificial lights, install a dimmer. A dimmer will help to control the brightness level of the light. Hence, you can easily reduce the brightness and set the right mood for your dining and living space when your guests arrive. Reducing the brightness also helps to reduce the energy consumption by the lighting fixtures.

04 of 05 Decorate your home interiors with plants

You will need a few decor items for decorating your home. Although there are many decor items available, many of them are expensive and do not make your home eco-friendly. The best DIY room decor idea you can consider for your home to make it eco-friendly is houseplants. House plants are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Hence, you can use them to add more visual interest to the space. Further, this DIY room decor idea will purify the air. As a result, your home interiors will feel more refreshing and become more eco-friendly.

05 of 05 Be careful while choosing your wall paint

Leaving the walls empty makes them appear boring. This is why painting the walls is essential. There are various painting designs you can opt for to make the interiors more appealing. However, you will have to be careful when choosing the wall paint. Traditional wall paints contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs. When the walls are painted, the VOCs are released into the atmosphere. These are harmful to your health and the environment. Hence, you should always opt for modern non-toxic paints if you want an eco-friendly home. They are a perfectly safe choice. Also, they will help to make your interior design appear very appealing.

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