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The word Tacoma means snowy mountain Peak. Tacoma is situated in west Washington. The city is very popular for its industries. It is very popular for its tourist attractions. The famous art museum is located in Tacoma. There are a lot of cemeteries in Tacoma. Every cemetery in Tacoma has some historical essence. Those interested in history may have a cemetery tour in Tacoma.

What is a Cemetery?

A cemetery is a place where the bodies of deceased people are set to rest. Such cemeteries are very easy to identify. So, a cemetery is a place where a dead person is buried. Cemeteries are the ultimate resting places for the dead. Not only that, cemeteries are filled with greenery. So, people love to visit a cemetery with their families to mourn and memorialize their loved ones who have died.

What are the types of Cemetery?

To the People, a cemetery in Tacoma is nothing but a place for burying dead bodies. But there are mainly six types of cemeteries. They are as follows:

  • The public or private Cemetery:

The local government maintains the public cemeteries. Anyone can use public cemeteries as burial grounds at a pocket-friendly price. But private cemeteries are held by some private owners who do not allow everyone to use the private cemeteries as burial grounds.

  • Commercial cemeteries

Commercial enterprises are the owners of commercial cemeteries. It is just like a business. So just like other businesses, they earn money through commercial cemeteries.

  • Green or natural cemeteries:

People are getting aware of leaving a carbon footprint. So, the idea of a green cemetery in Tacoma is getting very popular daily. In such cemeteries, one can bury the body of loved ones without impacting the environment.

  • Mass Graves

Mass graves are a type of Cemetery where a group of people is buried in the same grave. Generally, this type of Cemetery is found to be used during wars, plagues, and some massive death in a particular area due to some reason.

  • Religious cemeteries:

When religious organizations provide funds to a cemetery, it is called a sacred cemetery. That is why in such cemeteries, only the flowers of that particular religion are allowed to be buried.

  • Urban cemeteries:

Most people live in urban areas. So, finding an open space in a metropolitan area is very hard. And so, there are no adequate spaces for burning dead bodies. In urban cemeteries, a dead body is placed on top of another dead body, which is buried in this way.


Cemeteries play a very important role in the culture and society of a country or city. A religious organization, municipality, association, or any person may own a cemetery in Tacoma. The design of different cemeteries reflects their serving communities’ various religions, habits, traditions, and cultures. That is why there are so many types of cemeteries available in Tacoma. So, one may choose a cemetery as per their choice to bury their loved ones and rest them in peace.

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