Further Education in Thailand: The International Degree Course Explained

If your son or daughter is fast approaching the end of their 12-year formal education, your thoughts will be turning to further education. Of course, you want to give your child the best possible start in life and with an internationally recognised BA, your child will benefit in many ways.

What is an International Degree Course?

The Thai college, offers a 3-year international BA degree course in a wide range of business and tourism fields and this involves a 12-month stint living and studying at a top UK university, which is an integral part of the program. The Thai Ministry of Education recognises the degree as being a foreign one and the college has an association with the British Ministry of Education, linking your qualification with the United Kingdom.

Language Acquisition

All Thai parents understand the importance of English fluency and the best way to acquire the English language is spend a year living in the British Isles, which is part of the program. Living with a British family gives the student a great insight into western culture, which will prove to be invaluable in later life. If you sent your child to an international school, they would already be at an intermediate level and will greatly benefit from the year spent living and studying in the UK.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

These are two skills that the Thai education system does little to address, which is why you should choose a foreign based BA course. The students have to be very active, working together on real-life projects that are assigned by experienced professors who guide the students rather than teach them. These active learning strategies bring out the best in the students and help them to hone essential skills that they will need when they find a job and this is experience that money can’t buy!

Top Employers

The top employers are obviously looking for the best candidates to fill their positions and they take notice of candidates with a UK BA degree and are offered the best jobs. Give your son or daughter the best start by enrolling them in an international degree program and you won’t regret and your child will be forever grateful to you.

If you would like to learn more about the international business degree program, search online for a Bangkok-based further education college that has an association with top UK universities and your son or daughter will have the best possible start to their working life.


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