Get to Know How Core Numbers Can Guide to Find Harmony with Your Better Half

The numerology chart has several core numbers that deeply impact your personality. These are derived from numbers concealed in your name and birth date. A lot of details can be acquired from it. If you are yearning to find a partner that is compatible, then you will need to understand core numbers symbolization and influence. You will see how these core numbers offer clarity, assistance, and guidance. With practice, you can use these numbers to gain a speedy insight into a person’s capabilities, strength and weakness.

The aim of reading a numerology report is to find a more balanced, conscious, and healthy life. Remember, these are just the numbers and not labels. For example, if a specific number means that the person is organized, it does not mean they cannot be fun and dynamic.

Life path number – It is based on your birthdate and refers to your life path.

Soul number – It reveals what traits, virtues, and characteristics your soul possesses. It is derived from your full name. It is the name given in the birth certificate. Later on, this number is derived from a married name or the nickname.

Outer number – It is based on your first, middle & last name on your birth certificate. It tells the characteristics of your spirituality.

Destiny number – It is based on your birthdate and full birth name. Your ultimate aftermath including Karma is revealed.

Balance number – You get clarity on ways to handle the stressful and complex situations. Everyone experienced a different response to their challenges in life.

Maturity number – Your full name and birthdate helps to gain a deep and speedy clarity of your strengths and weaknesses.

Twin flame/Joined & soulmate core numbers

Besides your numerology calculations, you can analyze for your soulmates including lovers, spouses, co-workers, family, friends and even cousins. Everyone that matters in your life is a soulmate. Technically, a teacher is a soulmate for class students because she teaches them new things in life.

Soulmate numerology means how your life path number compares parallel to a specific someone. Twin flames come in your life unexpectedly and you get a vague feeling that this is a person you are familiar with.

The Twin Flame number means the same as soulmate numbers and in many cases, it will display matching and meshing numbers. Typically, numerology is read from 1 to 9. When there is a 2 to 3-digit addition, it is added again to get a single digit. Remember two numbers also hold meaning.

For example, number 29 can mean Ascension, warning, twin flame, or journey. For more clarity, one can add 2+9 = 11, which reveals Ascension, harmony, peace, warning, universal, and twin flame.

Numbers reveal in sequence and can hold valuable meaning, e.g. 22, 222, or 2222. When the numbers are seen in –

  • An ascending order vibration increase
  • A descending order vibration decrease

The numbers represent vibrations. For example, a series of 22,222 or 2222 sends a direct message to have faith and trust, when new things happen in your life.

Finding harmony with your partner with a flame makes a difference. Love helps to transform a simple relationship into a sacred union.

Author Bio – Born in the San Francisco Bay area, John Pepperwood has been a student of Numerology since 1973. After finding a book of ancient spiritual science that opened his eyes to the possibilities of cosmic powers, John began researching everything he could find about the tools of Numerology and its connection to our lives and its universal influences.

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