Get to Know the ESA Letter Content and Process

ESA or emotional support animals are irreplaceable friends for people going through hard times like mental illnesses. ESA can be of any species. However, the most common type is a dog. If you are planning to register a dog, then you need to be aware of the process.

ESA letter

The process to register ESA dog is simple. You just need an ESA prescription from a licensed therapist. If you have a letter written by your family physician may not be sufficient in many cases. Ensure to opt for a therapist, who focuses on animal therapy. They will be well aware of the criteria needed to get an emotional support animal.

Your existing therapist will write a valid ESA letter. If he/she doesn’t specialize in animal therapy or is unaware of the ESA rights then seek online support. A valid ESA letter is all that is necessary for traveling with your dog on planes for free.

You can even have your ESA companion stay with you in a housing facility with ‘no pets’ policy. There is no need for the ESA registry. It is not needed by law to have an ESA registry. Carry an ESA letter, which is a kind of certification that states your need for an ESA companion.

Contents of an ESA letter

  • Your name and description of your disability
  • Disability disallows you to perform at least one key routine activity
  • The letter needs to have the license number and signature of the therapist
  • Federal laws that protect you
  • Date of issuance

The ESA letter will expire in one year from the date of issuance.

ESA letter qualifies your dog as a real companion and support. While choosing a dog, make sure to opt for the right one. If necessary, you can train them. You can consider adopting a dog from the rescue or shelter. Ensure that the animal had no traumatic experience history. It will stress you even more instead of your ESA reducing your anxiety.

Whenever you fly with your pet or look for housing keep the ESA letter readily available. Landlords cannot discriminate renters with an animal for support but if you don’t have the letter they can.

Animals are suitable to connect with people on an intense level. A person always cradles their pet animal, whenever he/she feels depressed. They even talk about their problems because pets are good listeners and listen without any judgment. Remember the animal deserves to feel the same as it makes you feel. It is a two-way relationship – ESAs support you and you get a friend for life!

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