Getting Your Waist And Butt In Shape: Tips, Hacks And More!

Thanks to our ever-busy lifestyle, most of us have little or no time to exercise. While that’s never a good excuse, sometimes you just want to get in shape and as soon as possible. Exercise and diet modifications can be help, but when it comes to your waist and butt, there are a few hacks that may work. In this post, we have shortlisted the best ones right below.

  • Try a pair of butt-lift jeans. This may not be a permanent solution, but when you want your butt to look all perfect and in shape, using Levanta Cola Butt Lift Jeans may come in handy. The concept of these denims is not new for sure, but a lot of women often don’t know much about it beyond a trend. In Brazil and Colombia, this is quite a thing to have round, well-shaped butts.
  • Drink more water. Many readers may think of this as a cliché, but you need to drink more water to get rid of bloating. If you suddenly feel more bloated or heavy than usual, it might be linked to water retention, and the best way to get rid of it is to increase hydration. If you can manage, go for a water fast for 24 hours.
  • Cut those carbs. While there are concerns with keto and low-carb diets, these are not fad diets and may help people who are on the plus side. If you can cut down carbohydrate intake, you will lose fat around the center section of your body. Your perfect waist will be easier to achieve if you combine such a diet with a HIIT workout.

  • Consider wearing shapewear. Shapewear will not magically make your waist slimmer, but it does help in toning your body immediately. Keep in mind that shapewear comes in different sizes, and each one has a purchase. You can check for Colombian Fajas Shapewear for instance and find your size. Shapewear can be used on a regular basis, or on days when you want to look slimmer.
  • Always select the right size. In an attempt to fit in clothes, people do make mistakes of wearing the wrong size. You may want to avoid that. Your size is what exactly fits your body perfectly – Neither loose nor too tight. If you wear a size smaller, it will only highlight the bulges, which is anything but pleasing.

Long-term tips worth knowing

Including some form of exercise is always, always helpful in shaping the waist and butt. If you have never exercised all your life, start with walks and slowly get to weight lifting. HIIT, cardio, strength training, functional training – the list is pretty endless when it comes to workouts, and once you get here, you can also try Pilates for that perfect butt. Also, your diet plays a role in how your body shapes up, so make sure to eat healthy, cut down on snacks, and check your carb intake. For shapewear that fits, but at least two sizes.

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