Here’s Why You May Need a Personal Shopper

A common misconception is that only wealthy people use personal shoppers. On the contrary, much like interior designing, personal shopping can be a valuable service for anyone who wants to save time, and money or even improve personal style.

Here’s why you may need the assistance of a personal shopper yourself. 

You Want to Save Money 

As mentioned, personal shoppers aren’t just for the wealthy. In fact, here’s how a personal shopper can save you some money:

  • Identifying sales and discounts. Personal shoppers are often familiar with the current market trends. This means they know about upcoming sales and discounts that you may not have otherwise known about.
  • Eliminating impulsive purchases. With a personal shopper, there’s little chance that you’ll be tempted to overspend on impulsive purchases that are impractical and necessary. 
  • Negotiating prices. Personal shoppers often have established relationships with retailers and are thus in a position to negotiate prices on your behalf so that you get the best possible deals on your items.

You Have an Unconventional Body Type 

An unconventional body shape is a body type that does not fit into the traditional or standard sizing charts of most clothing brands; a body shape that is not easily categorized into the traditional body shapes. 

If you have an unconventional body shape, finding clothing that fits well and flatters your figure presents a challenge. For example, the top of a dress may fit while the bottom is very loose. Or your jeans may fit right except for being snug around your calves. 

It’s the job of a personal shopper to understand your body shape and your unique needs so that they can recommend to you clothing that fits well and comfortably based on things like the latest fashion trends, the occasion, your style, colors, and even fabrics.

You Have a Busy Schedule 

If you have a hectic work schedule or personal life, one of the most frustrating things is finding the time to go shopping. If you’re always struggling to find time to shop, why not consider a personal shopper? 

Imagine not having to think about finding the perfect dress for a friend’s wedding or not having to spend hours searching for the right brand of groceries in order not to trigger your allergies. 

With a personal shopper, you save time by having someone else do the legwork for you. 

You’re Serious About Environmental Activism 

If you’re keen on how your shopping activities affect the environment, a personal shopper can help you be more environmentally conscious. 

A personal shopper means help identifying sustainable and eco-friendly products that are good for the environment because they have the resources to research and recommend products that are biodegradable or compostable, reusable or refillable, have a lower carbon footprint, and are produced using ethical and eco-friendly practices.

For example, personal shoppers know the local businesses that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices. By supporting these businesses, you reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping and contribute to the local economy.

Using the services of a personal shopper is more practical than you would think. If you want to save time and money, need help dressing an unconventional body type, or just simply want to shop in a way that doesn’t harm the environment, then using the services of a personal shopper is for you. 

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