How to ensure adequate protein intake through food

Food and nutrition are like body and soul -inseparable and each incomplete without the other.  Body functions by using various nutrients that provide it through food like vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein and the likes.

One of the most important nutrients is protein. Protein helps in building muscle mass in the body. And as we studied in school, protein is the building block of the bones, muscles, skin, and blood. It isa chain of amino acids, which aids the body repair cells and generates new ones.

Generally, protein-rich foods can be consumed at any time during the day. However, it is best to eat protein-rich foods during first half of the day to gain most out it. In fact, anyone who does exercise regularly, weight training, cardio or is an athlete must take high-protein breakfast for fast recovery of the used muscles.

Nowadays, even nutritionists recommend intake of protein-rich foods for weight gain, fatigue, and sore body. This is because protein not only ensures muscle recovery but also keeps you full for longer. If your protein intake is regular, you will not face problems like hunger pangs. According to a study, the requirement of protein for an adult woman is 0.75g/kg, for a man its 0.84g/kg. For pregnant women, it’s about 1g/kg.

Let us look at some major sources of proteins:

  • Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source for protein especially for athletes or anyone involved in tough physical work. It is great as breakfast and is versatile enough to be cooked in various ways.

  • Dairy

Dairy products such asmilk, cheese, and yogurt are yet other natural sources of protein that are rich in fat also. Milk alone is a meal in itself which keeps you full for longer and can be taken in multiple ways for your breakfast routine. There are innumerable ways to include milk and milk products in your diet for your daily dose of protein.

  • Lean meat and seafood

Seafood and lean meat are a great source of protein and are essentially low in fat content. This is a great option for anyone looking to lose some weight but does not want to miss the protein.

  • Nuts

Nuts are something we all love to snack on. Knowing that they provide a fair share of protein for the day makes them even more pleasing. Nuts like pistachios, almonds, peanuts, and pecans are great sources of protein.

  • Soy

Soy and soy products are well-known as a protein source. Protein is the primary nutrient available in Soy and its products.

These are some of the popular sources of protein, which can be easily incorporated in your diet and nutrition chart. Protein is extremely vital for the growth and development of the body and it should be regularly provided to the body through your daily diet.

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