Major things you should never do right after a car accident

For anyone who leads an otherwise boring and monotonous life with their corporate deadlines hitting hard, weekends always call for long drives. Summer is in fact a season that is synonymous with long drives and hence the traffic is also at its peak levels. As a result, there are heightened chances of road accidents, whether minor or major. 

As far as traffic rules are concerned, the rule of thumb says that you need to drive in a defensive manner in order to stay safe. Despite driving safely, there are accidents that you just can’t avoid. Here are a few things you should never do right after a car accident before you hire a car accident attorney in Stockton

  • Never leave the site of the accident

As per traffic laws, anyone who is involved in a motor vehicle accident should stop the car immediately. This doesn’t have any connection with whether or not the accident caused any injury or damage to property or even death. In case you are not able to do so and you leave the scene of the accident, you’ll be penalized heavily. So, whenever you’re involved in an accident, stay right at the spot. 

  • Don’t lose your temper

Yes, it is true that it is tough to find your prized possession, your car, in damage, especially when it is not your fault. Whatever may happen, never forget to lose your calm during this situation. If there is a third party involved, don’t get upset about that. 

  • Don’t forget to get in touch with the police

There are some who may tell you that it is important to call the cops only when there is a case of death involved. This is not the fact actually. Whatever may be the damage caused, you should report the police. It is vital to file an FIR as this is the only critical evidence that you’ll have for car insurance claims. 

  • Don’t forget to take down details 

Before you leave the site of the accident, make sure you note down as many details as you can. Click pictures of the accident scene and take down the contact details of every party involved in the accident. Remember to ask about the details of the third-party’s insurance company. Keep a record of the license plates, the date and time of the accident, and any other detail that seems relevant.

  • Don’t admit fault or apologize

Make it a point that you never apologize for an accident just after the incident occurs. While you converse with the insurance company, never accept your fault. The best thing that you can do is be honest with the accident and narrate what exactly happened. In case you apologize, your insurance company will use this against you while paying for the claim. 

Therefore, when you’re involved in a car accident, don’t accept any direct payment from a third party. Before you repair your car, make sure the insurance company has already surveyed and made a list of the damages. 

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