Everyone is always looking for a way to make things easier and run more smoothly. Technology has led to the innovation of certain gadgets that would make the life of human beings less of a hassle. If you are a tour guide, they are a few essential travel gadgets that will make your experience with tourists a little easier. Whether you are going for a long trip in the wild or just a simple sightseeing exercise around town, it is a brilliant idea to have the following items somewhere in your backpack

  • Power bank charger

The smartphones we have today are very different from the mobile phones that were used by our parents 20years ago. Those phones retained charge for a week. With the kind of phones we have, the best they can do is just go for a day without being charged.

What then happens when you are deep into the Peles castle and your battery dies? How will you be able to call for backup in case of emergency? How will you be able to coordinate the rest of the trip?

Here is where a power bank charger becomes a life saver.

A small piece of advice

During tours, especially long tours, guides are advised to turn their phones into ‘battery saver mode.’ This is an option that ensures battery optimization while reducing the number of running processes on your phone to the basic ones. In turn, more battery is saved.

  • Offline maps

One of the greatest traits of tour guides is that they have a keen sense of direction. However, there are times when this may backfire.

There is a first time for everything so, there are times you will find a tour guide travels to unfamiliar territories. This is especially true for new guides.

If you are not in your locality, it is a good idea to download offline maps into your smartphone or tablet. This significantly reduces the chances of you losing direction especially in new neighborhoods.

  • Translation app

There are times that you may encounter tourists from diverse cultures who do not understand English or any other International language. This kind of language barrier can be devastating, confusing and intimidating.

It is common sense for tour guides to have slight knowledge of a few other languages apart from their local language. But in the case where foreigner tourists have no knowledge of the local language, translation apps will come in handy.

  • Smartwatch

One of the coolest gadgets a tour guide can invest in is a smartwatch. A smartwatch that does more than tell time is absolutely necessary.

Tour guides walk a lot. That is why it is essential to keep track of the distance you have walked and your heart rate, making it helpful to those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Smartwatches can also set alarms and give various notifications; all you have to do is just glance at your wrist.

  • Voice amplifier

During peak seasons, a tour guide may find themselves with a large crowd. What better way to speak to them than with a voice amplifier?

A voice amplifier will help you easily and clearly communicate with the tourists without much strain.

A multitude of people think technology will replace the need for guides. This could not be further from the truth. With the above gadgets, you will be well prepared to go on your next tour. Just remember to have fun while you are at it.

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