Navigating the World of Natural Supplement Use

For those that are supplement consumers, know that there is a vast world of brand and companies that are competing in the world of health supplements. Health has become one of the largest markets in the Western world and supplements are the tried and trusted doorway into a healthy lifestyle. There is so much competition in the world of supplemental health it can be difficult to know what to use and trust. Many companies use larger health product companies to produce their supplements and then use private labeling to differ them from other brands. Companies like Vita Health specialize in such natural health supplements.

If you are beginning your search for the right supplements for yourself and family, let’s discuss how you can tell what supplements you should be looking for. Besides figuring what particular natural supplements you should be taking, it’s also important to look at how your supplements are being made.

Supplement warning labels are unregulated except when there is iron involved. Each company can pick and choose what warning labels they use on their bottles. So when deciding on what you want to take it is also important to research the raw vitamin or mineral. Get to know how it affects the body and how much we need depending on our personal conditions. It is important to do this research before looking at bottle labels, so you are more informed than you are influenced. Calcium is a mineral that we all need. Women lose calcium content as aging happens, so it can be supplemented later in life. It is also possible to get too much calcium. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of calcium you are ingesting, what is most effective, and understanding how to not over-consume.

Making sure your health supplements are actually natural and not synthetic is a huge discernment to make. For many synthetic supplement ingredients there is not a regulation to provide a label. One way you can be sure you are taking natural botanical-based supplements is to look for the USP Verified Seal. This extra-label seal makes it clear that you are using pure, natural, botanical products.

Always running your supplement use across your health providers advice is always a good idea. Although they are not necessarily schooled on natural botanical use, they will be able to tell you if anything is going to interact with medications or conditions. If you are taking a vitamin C that has Grapefruit extract in it, it could interact poorly with many important medications.

In a world where the food supply is now lacking many of the vitamins and minerals it used to have, it has become more important to supplement with botanical products. While we look to supplements to top off our vitamin and mineral needs it is very important to stay balanced with our intake and lifestyle. It is most important to try and get most or all your nutrition from a healthy diet, but when we can’t, we have many options to supplement as naturally as possible.

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