Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Should a home smell good? The simple answer is yes. Being one of the most powerful senses, smell determines our experience with a space. We feel good when we are in a house that smells nice and uneasy if a foul smell comes from the kitchen or laundry area.

Have you been to a friend’s house and wondered what gives their houses a nice and unforgettable scent? It is hard not to notice a nice smelling home, and after the encounter, the next instinct is to do something about your home to make it smell equally good, if not better.

If you are fixated on giving your space signature scent, here is what needs to be done.

  1. Clean your rug

One of the most common sources of odours in your home is the rugs. Rugs don’t necessarily smell bad, but what is inside them generates the odour. It could be anything from pollen, soil, food or even human waste. With the time of exposure to nasty spills, carpets will even develop mold, which comes with a stink.

If the rugs are not thoroughly cleaned regularly, they will smell. So on your journey of giving your home that amazing smell, start by searching rug cleaning near me Los Angeles to find professional cleaners to work on your rugs.

  1. Take care of the kitchen

If your home is not smelling so nice, the kitchen is one of the problem areas to check. The unpleasant smell may be coming from your trash can, garbage disposal, dishwasher, microwave or even the refrigerator. Giving your kitchen a deep clean will go a long way in bringing back freshness in your home.

Ensure your dishwasher is cleaned regularly. If you recently had leftovers in your fridge, chances are there is a lingering smell. You can easily get rid of it by placing a bowl of coffee grounds in the fridge. Also, clean out your fridge to eliminate the smell of rotting food.

If some stench is coming from your garbage disposal, you can clean it and grind citrus peels to introduce a fresh citrus scent to your space.

  1. Hang eucalyptus branches in your bathroom

If you can get your hands on eucalyptus, right there is a gem that will help you change how your bathroom and the entire house smells. Hanging eucalyptus branches or spreading eucalyptus leaves is a spa trick that will always work.

When you take a hot shower, the steam will heat the leaves, causing them to release essential oils, which will release an amazing scent throughout your bathroom and spill over to the entire house.

Take Away

Foul smells in a home can come from several things and areas. It could be the carpet, rotting food and leftovers in the kitchen, bacteria in the bathroom or even dirty laundry. The first remedy for unpleasant smells in your house is ensuring everything is clean, starting from your laundry and bathroom to kitchen appliances.

You can then introduce scents of your choice by bringing in eucalyptus branches or even burning essential oils.

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