Some Modern Fashion Designers You Will Want To Look Out For

Some exciting new fashion designers are starting to make it big, with their fabulous creations being lauded by consumers and critics alike. New brands are coming to the forefront of fashion all the time, so it is sometimes hard to keep up with the latest designers and trends. Below are some of the fashion designers and brands you will want to watch for that are leading the way with the latest offerings they have.


The Iconic design collection is proving to ruffle a few feathers as it embraces bold designs and combines them with ostrich feathers. From designs perfect for formal events to casual wear perfect for relaxing, they have many creations that embrace coloured ostrich feathers that prove a hit with consumers. They have a wide selection of fantastic designs, so there is something to suit all tastes and design preferences, and it will undoubtedly help you stand out from the crowd.

Maisie Wilen

Maisie Wilen was formerly a fashion designer for the Kanye West brand, Yeezy, and has since started creating her designs for herself and selling these out of LA. If you are looking for a fun, a party inspired look that can be worn at home or out with friends, you may want to check out some of Maisie’s creations. Her designs are fun and filled with colour and will make you feel happy when wearing them.

Chopova Lowena

Chopova Lowena is a collaboration between the designers Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena. They specialise in creating eye-catching designs that embrace colour and have a fun feel about them. While studying at Central Saint Martin’s Art College in London, they met and joined forces to create some stunning fashion designs. With an eye on sustainability, they source vintage fabrics from Bulgaria, where they make some of their designs, with the rest being made in the UK. If you are looking for something different packed full of colour, you should consider one of their pleated patchwork skirts for your wardrobe.

Charles de Vilmorin

Another designer who is well known for his use of bold colours and elaborate and fantastic designs is Charles de Vilmorin. Launching the Charles de Vilmorin collection in April 2020, he has since built a reputation for offering cutting-edge fashion designs that bold and make a statement. His first offerings were so popular that he created and launched his first haute couture collection in January 2021, which has proven to be a resounding success.

These are some of the cutting-edge designers and brands you will want to look for when creating your new style for the season. There are more, but these will be a massive success in the future if initial reactions are anything to go by when people first discover their creations.

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