The Benefits & The Challenges Of Travelling As a UK Student

When people think of travelling, they immediately think of a relaxing experience where we get to enjoy many beautiful sights and scenes, and we come back from a foreign destination feeling better than when we left. This is true when it comes to taking family holidays away but travelling as a student is not always as straightforward as you would like. Travelling to a foreign destination takes time and so it is entirely possible that the trip could be a little boring. It’s likely that you will arrive at your final destination tired and you may experience some other challenges along the way.

This is the real purpose of travelling because it takes you outside the place that you are comfortable in and puts you in unfamiliar territory and this is what a student expedition is all about. Even though you may find yourself in uncomfortable situations while travelling, it provides you with the perfect opportunity to grow and learn. It’s important to experience a country where they have different values and completely different perspectives other than your own. There will be challenges but there will be lots of benefits and the following are just some of those.

  • You learn to be self-sufficient – Even though your school may go through a service provider to set up the student trip for everyone, it doesn’t take away many of the personal responsibilities that you have when travelling. Taking trips such as these provide you with the perfect opportunity to practice your new life skills and it will teach you to be self-sufficient.
  • Improving your communication skills – Not every country that you travel to will have citizens who speak the English language and so you have to overcome many language barriers that are put in front of you. You clearly want to make yourself understood and so you’re going to have to learn to communicate using your other skills and using your body language. It is also a great opportunity to practice your language skills when it comes to the language that is spoken there.

You will find yourself in challenging situations when you travel and it’s likely that you’re going to make some mistakes along the way. You may end up with a red face through embarrassment because you do something that isn’t acceptable in that culture but it is all a learning process and you will be better for it. Your confidence levels will certainly increase and you will learn to be able to handle any challenges that will come your way.

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