The Right Kind of Flooring for Different Rooms in Your Home

When it comes to flooring, wood always wins the prize over vinyl, and most other options. However, wood is a terrible option in the kitchen because any kind of stain will leave a lasting impression. It’s not suitable for the laundry room either because a splash of bleach will definitely blemish the finish. A certain flooring material may be suitable for one room, but it may not be suitable for another and could pose a problem.

The kitchen and bathrooms

Your kitchen experiences heavy traffic and it requires a hard flooring. Despite the fact that wood usually remains one of the most aesthetically appealing choices, it doesn’t stand out that well with comes to that kind of assault. Wood floors are highly prone to denting compared to other materials.

The best flooring material for a kitchen is porcelain tile because it is perfect for high traffic. It is resistant to scratching and it comes in different styles that are likely to fit any home decor. Vinyl is the next best choice in case you don’t like tiles for your kitchen.

The bathroom and laundry room

The major threat to these rooms is water or liquids. A lot of water turns to splashes when showering, at some point the toilet overflows and water can ruin the flooring. Porcelain tiles are an incredible option because they hold up very well in wet places. You should choose textured tiles in order to prevent slipping. It is possible to add electric heating if you find tiles cold but it can be quite expensive. If you don’t like porcelain tiles, then vinyl is your next best choice.

Living room and family rooms

Hardwood floor is simply one of the best options for living areas. Solid wood is an incredible choice and you can go for prefinished plants because you don’t have to stand and film them during installation. Depending on how the floor is installed, you may actually be able to walk on the floor right away. If you don’t like solid wood, then engineered wood is the next best option.

Sunroof and porch

Depending on how much exposure your sunroom has, your flooring may have to contend with the intense sunlight. Again, we have to go with porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles because they are durable. Porcelain tiles will stand up to any abuse they get in this room and they can be designed to look anyway you like. Engineered wood is also a good option for your sunroom and one of the best things about it is that it will be warm.

The basement

The biggest threat to your basement floor is that it might be dump and if your area is prone to floods, the porous materials can absorb water and expand or buckle. You should have your flooring installed over concrete and it should be a floating floor so that it doesn’t shift with moisture or temperature changes. Vinyl is an incredible choice for your basement and so is laminate.

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