Throwing a Memorable Grad Party for Your Kid

How do you make graduation memorable for your kid? You can start by giving a memorable personalized gift that is unlike any other. Check out graduation gift ideas from Shutterfly for inspiration. Alternatively, rather than giving an actual gift, why not throw an epic party instead? If you need help planning, read this article and learn from the tips we’ll share.

Start by Choosing a Venue

If you are planning to throw a graduation party, one of the most important is choosing the right venue. There are a couple of things you need to consider, such as the theme, proximity, and the number of people attending. A popular option is to host it at home, which is also a cheaper alternative. If your house is too small to host a party, consider a nearby restaurant or an events venue that will be easily accessible for the guests.

Send Out Invites

Even in this digital age, nothing beats sending out printed invites. It is more personal. Send the invites four to two weeks before the party, so there will be enough time for the guests to respond and for you to plan based on the number of attendees. The invitations can also double as a graduation announcement. If you need help preparing the announcements, check out and they can extend a helping hand.

Set a Budget

This can give most parents a headache. Nonetheless, graduation is a milestone worth celebrating, so don’t stress it out. To save money, it is best to do it at home and cook the food instead of having a catering service do it. Keep the décor at a minimum so that you don’t need to buy it. If you want to give out party favors, consider making them on your own.

Plan the Food and Drinks

This is one of the most difficult parts of hosting a memorable graduation party. Consider your budget as you think of what to serve at the event. Think of the special needs of the guests, such as if there are seniors coming who might have their dietary requirements. If it is in a restaurant, schedule a food tasting beforehand to make sure that your guests will enjoy nothing but the best. Do not forget to plan the drinks to quench the thirst of the attendees.

Make It Entertaining

No one loves a boring party. So, to make it special, be sure to plan the entertainment. Music is a must-have for people to enjoy their time. If possible, consider hosting fun games based on the age of the guests. To make it even better, prepare prizes that will entice the guests to participate in the games you will prepare.

Throwing a memorable graduation party for your kid does not need to be expensive and stressful. Take note of our suggestions above to make it easy, even if you are not used to planning parties.

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