What are portable solar generators?

The portable solar generator is generators prepared electricity to operate with solar energy. Unlike conventional electric generators, they lack a fuel tank because they do not have an internal combustion engine either. Instead they come prepared with a battery to store electricity from different outlets. One of them will be through photovoltaic solar panels. In most cases these solar panels are sold separately and in other models they are already integrated into the equipment.

Types of solar generators

  • There are three ways to generate electricity in a portable way for our electrical and electronic equipment using Solar Energy:
  • Portable Solar Generators: Called in English “Portable Power Station”. Like the one we have seen above. They integrate a battery, regulator and converter in a unit that can be recharged with portable solar panels.
  • Solar Chargers or Power Banks: Solar panels that serve to directly charge (or through Power Banks) small electronic equipment.
  • Portable solar panels: They can be used directly or with batteries and external power banks ideal for vans, caravans and campsites.

Characteristics of solar generators

Basically, a portable solar generator is like having a large rechargeable battery available for multiple applications. Since in most models (although they are known by this name) the charging of your battery is not done, as we have said, exclusively with photovoltaic solar panels.Rather, they offer the possibility of being done by plugging the equipment into your home or office network through an AC outlet.Also through a direct current socket with the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. In this way you can recharge the battery during the trip (ideal for cars, vans and motorhomes).

This type of device is usually of a small size to facilitate its transport, since they are designed for times of emergency when you do not have another source of energy available.

Also as camping equipment.The power that portable solar generators can offer varies greatly from one model to another.

This sector is growing rapidly and today you can already find some portable solar generator that can give an output power of 1500 watts (and offer double cranking peaks). Normally the mid-range ones of between 500 to 700 WS are usually enough for basic lighting needs and small low-power appliances such as computers, mobile phone recharging, coffee makers, etc.

Its functionality and performance are usually comparable to those of a gasoline electric generator. That is, for a not very high power demand and for discontinuous or sporadic use.

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