What Is Asbestos, and Why Is it Necessary to Remove it?

Asbestos is often considered a silent killer that often goes unnoticed. Just the mere idea of its presence in the building creates uneasiness and is a cause of concern. However, suppose that you are a building owner.

In that case, you have an additional responsibility on your shoulders as you are likely to be held responsible due to the harmful effects of this substance. Hence, you need to hire professionals who can survey the building from time to time to identify asbestos and mitigate the issue.

The Health Risks of Asbestos

Many governments advocate safe working practices as, on average, 5000 workers die each year due to exposure to harmful substances. These are harrowing figures which indicate that asbestos is a natural and genuine threat for many people.

The most significant health risk of this substance is when the asbestos fibres become loose and airborne. If these particles are inhaled, they can cause potential lung problems, leading to fatal diseases. After inhalation, the person might feel soreness and inflammation, and might develop an infection. Additionally, it can also lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Asbestos can threaten tradespeople, workers in the building where the substance is present, and people in these surrounding areas. This makes it vital to hire a reputable company for asbestos roof removal in Perth, where the company can quickly remove the substance and reduce the health risks.

When Is it Necessary to Remove Asbestos?

According to the health safety guidelines in Australia, if the asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are in good condition and are undisturbed, they are considered safe as the asbestos fibres are not going to release into the air. It is recommended to hire reputable companies to check and review the conditions of ACMs in the building and provide a report.

When an asbestos survey is carried out with the help of certified contractors, it ensures higher safety as they know where the asbestos is present and not disturb it. This can sometimes prevent the removal process.

However, if the ACMs are too damaged to encapsulate, there is a higher risk of them becoming airborne, and it becomes vital to remove them immediately. This is most likely to occur when ceiling pipes, pipe lagging, or cement sheets are in bad condition and might have been disturbed during contractual work.

In this case, all the asbestos present in the building would need to be identified and removed to ensure safer living and work conditions. A reputable company for asbestos removal can be hired to survey the substance in the building and develop a removal plan.

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