What to Do in The Garden this Summer

Now that summer is upon us it’s time to make the most of the busiest time in the gardening calendar. There are so many tasks that you can fill your time with, but you don’t want these tasks to consume all your time as you want to be able to enjoy your garden too. It’s all about capturing the right balance and the following list of gardening jobs should help you with that.

  1. Nurture House Plants

Taking your house plants outdoors for the summer will really help them to flourish and grow to their full potential. Outdoors they are exposed to increased sunlight, summer showers and fresh air, which will all help to encourage growth and refresh the plants. It’s a good idea to ease your house plants into outdoor summer life, so when night falls, bring them back inside during the first few days.

  1. Plant Biennials Now

For those keen to have a bright garden next spring, you want to start planting your biennials now. Biennials including Honesty, Wallflowers, Sweet Rocket and Foxgloves are perfect for planting now and will instantly bring life and character to your garden in the upcoming years. When you first sow your biennial seeds, be sure to use seed trays to get them started. Once they begin to grow and require more space, you can transfer your plants into individual pots to enable them to grow further without being too close to the others. By the time autumn arrives, you’ll be ready to plant your seeds into your flower beds. If you’re looking for quality seed trays, plant pots and other planting equipment, take a look at online gardening stores such as Two Wests to find the kind of style you’re looking for.

  1. Add Plant Supports

During the summer months, you’ll find that herbaceous perennials and climbers start to go slightly out of control. You may notice that they have started to wilt or droop down affecting your other plants, which is something you want to nip in the bud early on. To prevent them from drooping down and getting in the way of your other plants, introduce some plant supports to the area to keep them upright and in place.

  1. Attack the Weeds

The summer heat is a blessing to weeds, but not so much to those wanting to keep their gardens neat and weed free. Weeds thrive in the summer heat, so you’ll find yourself outside removing weeds quite a lot throughout the summer months. You want to try and get on top of the weeding early on, as this will help to prevent any overgrowing or excess weeds getting in the way of you enjoying your garden. Make sure you pull the weeds out from the root, rather than snipping them from the top. If you fail to remove the whole root, then the weeds will continue to grow and grow. It’s also beneficial to apply weed killer to the area, to give it that extra support in preventing them from growing.

  1. Remove Withered Plants

Having withered plants in the garden can have a negative impact on the plants surrounding them, so you want to remove them as soon as possible to keep the rest of your displays healthy and strong. Take a wander around your garden and remove any plants that look withered, as this will also help to keep your garden looking fresh and bright, without any dull withered flowers causing the area to look lifeless.

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