What You Should Know About The New Travel Authorization System, ETIAS If You’re Planning On Visiting Europe?

The European Union, in order to deal with all kinds of international travel issues, has introduced a new travel authorization system known as ETIAS. The full form of ETIAS is European Travel Information and Authorization System. This new visa-waiver system by Europe is believed to be more efficient, convenient and cheap. With the help of ETIAS, you will be eligible to visit the 44 European Nations as well as the 26 countries falling under the Schengen border area.

ETIAS will be in action from 1st January 2021. Apart from the Europen Nations, there are a total of 62 countries in the world that are allowed to enter Europe visa-free but this is going to change soon. ETIAS will be mandatory for people who belong to the 62 countries in the world whose citizens were allowed to stay in Europe without having to carry their visas. These countries include New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

ETIAS is introduced for the security concerns raging Europe. The European Union has always provided the tourists with a comfortable experience and there were never safety issues arising from their side. But now to avoid terrorist activities and to ensure the safety of tourists as well as their own nations, the continent has launched this all-new travel authorization system. Another reason behind the introduction of ETIAS into this world is to deal with immigration issues. As this new visa-waiver system will launch, the Europe Union will be able to deal with the international traveling issues hassle-free.

ETIAS is not a visa but it is a new visa-waiver system. They will permit the eligible candidates to stay in the continent for a period of 90 days. The travelers can use their ETIAS Europe to visit the European nations for business work or tourism activities but they can not be used if you are planning on visiting the countries for purpose or pursuing education. Although they are valid for transit and medical purposes too.

You are suggested to apply for your ETIAS prior to your visit to the European countries. To apply for ETIAS you must have a valid passport. Without a passport you will not be able to apply for ETIAS. The process is simply, it is just like filling any online application form. You just have to put your basic details like name, age, gender, nationality, date of birth, place of birth in the form then submit it. You will receive the decision of your verification within minutes.

ETIAS will be valid for the period of three years from the date of issue, after that you will have to renew it. But they will instantly expire if the validity of your passport ends. You will need to show your ETIAS as soon as you reach the boarding gate along with your other travel documents and you will only be allowed the entry on the basis of that.

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