10 Brilliant Wall Sticker Ideas to Revamp Your Home

Wall stickers are having a moment this year and we are here for it. It’s no secret that one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways in which you can spruce up your home is by introducing some gorgeous wall stickers into your home. They are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for renters.

Do you wish to make your home look fun and energetic by introducing wall stickers and self-adhesive wallpapers into your home décor? Read along to find out 10 unique wall stickers ideas for your abode that you can try in 2022.

  1. Pooja room 

You can elevate your pooja room’s look and feel by introducing some devotional wall stickers into the room. You can either go the traditional way and opt for wall stickers of deities or give your home a zen vibe by going for om, Swastik or buddha wall stickers.

  1. Functional stickers 

Who says that wall decals can be only used for decorative purposes? You can go for wall stickers of clocks, world maps or family tree photo frames. These will not only make your space look aesthetically appealing but also be functional. While you can use the clock sticker behind your living room couch, you can install the world map sticker in your study or home office.

  1. Hide the eyesores 

You can get creative with your wall stickers and use them to hide the awkward and ugly areas of your home. For example, you can add a minimalistic floral-themed wall sticker behind your bed in the bedroom if the wall looks bare and blah.

  1. Motivational quotes 

A great way to make your home décor motivate and inspire you is by using wall stickers of inspirational quotes in your study, home office or kid’s room.

  1. Create your own pattern 

Don’t want to buy a trendy wallpaper that almost all your friends own? Why not create your own wall design? Just pick a wall sticker design of your choice and use it in a repetitive pattern on your walls and create your original wallpaper.

  1. Go minimalistic 

Are you not a fan of the floral and animal-themed wall designs? If you are looking for something timeless and subtle, then you can consider installing faux brick walls, stone walls or whitewashed wood wall stickers into your space. By doing so, you would be able to add depth, dimension, texture and character to your home. The best part is that along with elevating the aesthetics of the room, these wall stickers also add an architectural element to your interior design.

  1. Tell a tale 

You can use wall decals of cartoons and animals in your kid’s room to tell a tale of adventure, fantasy and bravery. This will not only make your kid’s room fun and lively but also help your kid develop a wild imagination and make him or her hopeful about the future.

  1. Install 3D wall stickers 

Are you looking for ways to add real oomph to your dining space? Why not introduce an abstract 3D wall sticker that will be the masterpiece of the room. You can instantly upgrade the look of a room and make it look classy and expensive by introducing 3D wall stickers into it.

  1. Create an illusion of space 

You can install horizontal stripes wall decals to make a small room look spacious. Stripes can help to manipulate your space and make it appear larger than it is.

  • Decorate your kitchen 

You can install floral wall designs or cute cutlery stickers in your kitchen to make it look fun and light. If you are feeling extra, then you can create a breakfast nook in your home and decorate it with quirky breakfast quotes and motifs.

Wall stickers are a great way to revamp your space and bring it to life without causing a dent in your pocket. So, which of these wall sticker ideas are you most excited to try in 2022? Browse through a wide selection of eclectic, stylish and affordable wall stickers and buy a chic self adhesive wallpaper for your new home on the Asian Paints website.

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