Almirah and Closet Designs Ideas

Your closet is a crucial part of your bedroom. It is the primary storage space and should be designed very carefully. If you keep the wardrobe messy, it can cause a lot of inconveniences in your problem. For instance, finding your clothes while dressing up for your office can get difficult if your closet is messy. As a result, you might get late. To avoid any such issue, it is important to have a well-designed closet in your bedroom.

There are many modern and elegant wardrobe designs available that will elevate the appeal of your bedroom interiors. However, choosing a well-designed wardrobe does not mean paying attention to the aesthetic appeal only. To create a well-designed closet, you will have to focus on functionality as well. Hence, it will allow you to store all your belongings in an organised manner and add more visual interest to the space at the same time. If you are not sure about the type of wardrobe design you should get for your bedroom, here are a few wardrobe design ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 03 Standalone almirah designs

Urban homes are not very large. You will have to accommodate all your items within the restricted space. Hence, you should not try to create a giant wall-to-wall almirah design in your bedroom decor. It will make the space appear smaller and compact. Instead, a smaller and simpler solution would be better. Similarly, people may not have the budget to get a large wardrobe design in the bedroom. Smaller options are better if you want a budget-friendly option. In such cases, a standalone closet would be the perfect addition. They are quite affordable and can be easily incorporated into any small bedroom design. Moreover, standalone units are available in many different finishes, designs, and colours. Depending on the style of your bedroom interiors, you should pick one. For simple and modern homes, you should choose minimal options. In traditional homes, you can add vintage almirah designs.

Spacious Walk-in Closets

02 of 03 Add luxury with a glamorous walk-in closet

If you are one of the lucky people with a large bedroom design, you should try to make the most of it. One of the best additions to a large and spacious bedroom is a walk-in closet. These wardrobe design ideas have gained immense popularity in the last few years. Although they were previously expensive and only popular in luxury homes, you can find them in many homes these days as making one has become much cheaper. As the name suggests, you can walk inside these wardrobes. They are huge and have specific storage spaces for all your belongings. Customisation allows you to design the wardrobe according to your needs. Hence, you can easily get an almirah design that perfectly blends in with the bedroom decor. Also, pay attention to lighting. All the areas should be well-lit so that you do not have to look for things in the dark. If sufficient space is available, you can install a mirror so that you can check yourself while dressing. Some people add a chair or bench as well for added comfort. Although modern walk-in closets do not cost a lot, they are surely a more expensive option than the other types.

03 of 03 get a wall-to-wall wardrobe

As mentioned earlier, a walk-in closet is the best addition you can make to give the space a luxurious feel. However, not everyone has enough space in the bedroom to fit one. This does not mean that you will have to compromise on the grand look. There are other almirah designs available that will allow you to give the space a grand look and occupy less space than a walk-in closet at the same time. For instance, a large closet covering one entire wall can be a good addition to your bedroom. You can get customised options and add as many shelves, cabinets, and drawers as you want to accommodate all your belongings. For a stylish appearance, you can choose glass doors for the wardrobe. However, always remember that transparent doors will keep the interiors visible. If your wardrobe does not stay organised at all times, the clutter inside the wardrobe will be visible and diminish the overall appearance of your bedroom. Instead, you can choose translucent glass doors. They will keep the interiors hidden and give your wardrobe a contemporary look as well. People with small bedrooms can consider mirrored wardrobe doors as well. They make a space appear larger than its actual size.

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