Experience the best of paragliding Slovenia

Paragliding Slovenia is a popular choice among visitors of our beautiful country Slovenia, and there is a good reason why. There is no better way to see this beautiful piece of nature, so make sure you try paragliding Bled while on your holidays. You do not need any previous experience, as you are securely strapped in a comfortable flying harness, and just enjoying the views, while your pilot does almost all the work. And, our team of pilots is one of the best and most experienced team of pilots and instructors there is.

Put your best foot forward

We assure you that paragliding Slovenia will provide you with unforgettable memories of the beautiful Gorenjska region and beyond. Our experienced pilot will first give you some instructions and get you really excited about the flight. And then you will gear up, take a few steps, and off you go to a new exciting experience, to see some amazing views, jaw dropping Julian Alps, lakes, rivers, Slovenian greenery. You will get primal and pure experience of the country on the sunny side of the Alps. Paragliding Slovenia will leave you speechless. Paragliding Slovenia offers an experience of limitless freedom and fairy tale views of medieval towns, of Bled Lake, castle, island. IT is an indescribable experience.

You will never forget paragliding Slovenia

Paragliding Bled offers one of the best sceneries in the world for paragliding. So you are kindly invited to join us and experience enjoyment and pleasure of tandem paragliding flights of paragliding Slovenia. You will get to experience an indescribable feeling of freedom, you will get as close as you can get to flying. Plus, you will get to enjoy the most amazing views, so make sure you take your camera with you.

Step into another dimension and do not be afraid to try paragliding Slovenia. Join us on a breath taking adventure.

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