Every job requires a certain set of skills that you must possess before you can get an interview with them. Apart from these certain skills, there are general skills that you should possess which help you pace with the challenges that you will be dealing in your workplace. So if you are a resident of York University Housing and worried about your job hunt, then following are certain skills you need to learn to make the process easier.

  1. Communication:Communication is key for a job, both written and oral. Though in college you learn to speak and write, employers still find it difficult to find students who can express themselves clearly. When you start working, you will have to interact with your superiors and peers and in some cases even with clients and vendors. To be able to perform exceptionally, you must have the ability to communicate in a concise manner.
  2. Critical Thinking:If you have the ability to think through complex situations and problems, then you would fit right into the professional world. The employers are always looking out for candidates who possess the skill of critical thinking as they can look at the bigger picture while solving the problem in hand. You should use every opportunity possible to acquire this skill.
  3. Teamwork:In the age of globalization, people have to work together smoothly even if they don’t get along. You need to learn to put aside your views regarding other cultures, religions and ethnicities and work together in harmony. Having the ability to complete the task in a team with diverse personalities is symbolic of the employee being trustworthy which later transitions to the upward movement on the corporate ladder.
  4. Problem Solving:The ability to assess a particular situation and find a good and innovative solution for it is a skill which you must have. Problem-solving skills in a professional set up help to save time, which saves money in the longer run.
  5. Commercial Acumen: Having the skill of commercial acumen will help to find new opportunities for the organization. Being thorough with the operations and goals of the organization can help you to figure out how you can work towards achieving those goals.
  6. Research:This skill is important not only for academics but also in a corporate environment. Being equipped with research skills adds weight as possessing this skill means that you have a Plan B prepared for every situation and will have solutions ready for any perspective issue.
  7. Receptiveness: Being open to receiving and implementing feedbacks is highly valued in candidates. If you are asked about the time you made a mistake, then you should respond by saying how you received a feedback about it and worked towards implementing the feedback and correcting the error.
  8. Work Ethics: Organizations are always looking for candidates who have an excellent work ethics, which includes moral qualities like sense of responsibility, honesty and discipline.
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