Home fitness, the best exercises for arms and shoulders

Still in smart working? Lucky for you, against sedentary life, there is home fitness! Here are some useful exercises to tone your arms and shoulders.


Home fitness, exercises for arms and shoulders

Which are the best exercises

The importance of movement at home

The Coronavirus pandemic has left us a legacy of many things, including the clearing through customs of smart working, which in Italy, until recently, was reserved mainly for independent workers. The measure of the lockdown that has been implemented to try to stem the emergency as much as possible, has also made us accustomed to home fitness, or gymnastics at home.

If you also occasionally feel the need to get up from the desk you’re working on, to stretch, that’s what to do to tone your arms and shoulders. We assure you: posture and back pain will benefit!

Home fitness, exercises for arms and shoulders.

To train at home, you do not need to own a specific room to be your gym,  as Womanmagazine suggest .Very few things such as weights of 1 kg or half kg, elastic bands of different sizes, a Pilates mat and, of course, the appropriate clothing will be enough

As for shoes, you can use the same ones that you usually use in the gym, or you can choose to train barefoot.

What if you don’t have any weights in the house? No problem, you can replace them with bottles of water of half a litre, obviously not to mention, full. In addition, you may also need a broom handle to adjust your posture. Yes, the broom you have at home.

Which are the best exercises?

Even if it is home fitness, it is better not to devote yourself completely to DIY and instead rely on applications with well-detailed descriptions or online courses held by real personal trainers who will perform the exercises in video together with you. All you need is an Internet connection (and a lot of willpower). A wrong exercise could only make the situation worse rather than better.

If you want to look for the most targeted exercises, the best to tone the arms are the, as hated as effective, plank, push-ups, carb bridge, triceps dips and punches. While the best for the shoulders are the lateral and rear risers, the distensions over the head and the military press. Obviously, all exercises must be adjusted according to your endurance, which will increase over time if you are consistent and to your needs. Be careful not to overdo it!

The importance of movement even at home.

It was almost inevitable, the home office accustomed us to a sedentary life. But for a healthier lifestyle, it is important to try to counter this bad new habit by taking small breaks during the day when we get up from the chair and stretch, maybe walking around the house if we can not get too far away. Is also important to find a moment at the beginning or at the end of the day to dedicate to fitness.

Constant movement, in fact, is a fundamental prerogative to always keep the muscles of arms, shoulders and no less important also of the back, not to feel too much of the typical pains of a wrong posture.

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