Why Preschool Is Important

You may think that your child is too small or too young to start learning as part of a structured environment and understandably after all, you want to nurture your child and look after them for as long as you can, to keep them safe. However, there is more scientific research being done these days that suggests that a preschool is really important in terms of learning development.

What does the scientific research tell us?

The latest research tells us that children that attend a good quality preschool enter mainstream schools with better reading, writing and verbal skills. As you will no doubt be aware, we are creatures of habit and learn through repetition so, the earlier we begin that cycle the better we will become.

Preschools set a foundation for future learning

Children want to learn, it’s in their nature which means that if there is anything you can do to aid that process you should do your utmost. Preschools in top international schools in Bangkok provide a foundation of both academic learning and social skills; a wide variety of activities will help to prepare them for the academic requirements of primary and middle school.

Helping your child to develop emotionally as well as socially

When attending a preschool your child will be mixing with a variety of other children from all sorts of different backgrounds. They will obtain skills needed to help them grow socially and emotionally, often children who attend preschools are far more capable of doing things for themselves instead of relying on their parents for help. Many a child has struggled when they reach the age to attend school because they weren’t properly prepared.

It’s all about structure

One of the keys to a successful life is, structure and, if we don’t have structure in our lives, then it leaves the door wide open for things like mental health issues. Whilst attending a preschool your child will have a properly structured day much like when they attend ‘big’ school.

All in all, preparation is key

Preschool is all about getting your child prepared for when they move on to the next stage of their academic career, the earlier they start the learn in an organized, structured learning environment then the easier it will be for them to learn in the future. If you have the ability to do so, then enrolling your child into a preschool could be a really wise idea.

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