How live-in care can transform someone’s life

When your health and mobility become challenging, one of the more difficult things to say is “I need help”. Particularly as it brings fears of losing your independence and having the ‘indignity’ of being wholly reliant on other people. This is the time that live-in care can transform someone’s life.

Let’s explore some of the advantages of engaging 24hr specialist care services at home.

Struggling v live-in care

Continuing to manage with a series of temporary carers- and times of being alone – can become exhausting. Not least as it’s a disjointed way to get the specific health and mobility support you need.

Live-in care arrangements provide consistent and round-the-clock help, which can be a huge relief and a way to establish a nurturing daily routine.

Avoids substantial upheaval

For some people, the only alternative to having live-in care is to move into a residential placement. The prospect of living in a strange, new environment can be daunting, to say the least!

Using live-in carers means they can stay where they feel safer and more comfortable. This could be a home they’ve lived in for many years, full of happy memories and treasures. Which means it supports their mental and emotional health.

Protects general health

In fact, one study found that “caring for older people at home can be just as good – or even better – than hospital care”.

Another study in France reported: “A person’s location of care can influence health and wellbeing.”

Privacy and peace

It’s not just a change of location that can distress an individual who needs substantial help with everyday tasks, but also the proximity to other people requiring 24-hour support.

Live-in care enables you to have one-to-one help whenever you need it, in privacy and peace.

Stay close to loved ones and familiar places

It’s not always possible to select the location of residential care facilities or hospitals. By getting the help you need in your own home, you can benefit from staying in a location that has a lot of emotional attachment, and that’s also near to friends and family.

Protect your independence

Care in your own home can also help you to keep aspects of your independence much longer. The best live-in carers encourage you to self-manage as many tasks as possible, which can be easier with all your personal belongings and familiar spaces around you.

Socialising, and how live-in care can transform someone’s life

Having someone close by all the time – to help with mobility and health issues – can give you more confidence to start returning to some of your favorite activities – including welcoming visitors again.

For example, Rosement Care offers live-in carers throughout Essex. Its well-trained staff enables people to enjoy leisure and social activities that may require ‘a professional helping hand’.

Keeping people and pets together

Finally, one of the most significant ways live-in care can transform someone’s life is by enabling them to get the help they need, while still living with their partner or a much-loved pet. That would be highly unlikely if they went into a residential care setting.

It all comes down to creating a way to ‘live well’ with health or mobility challenges, thanks to bespoke 24-hour help in your own home.

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