Renovating a House for a Flip, Don’t Forget the Pool

Swimming pools can either be a blessing or a curse. When people are looking at a property with a pool, signs of age and outdated features will be a huge red flag. However, a beautiful modern pool is a luxury that many people would like to possess. A pool can be renovated just like anything else. And in most cases, straightforward cosmetic changes can be done quickly and can dramatically affect the pool, and therefore the yard and property. On the other hand, ignoring the pool might make the other renovations a moot point.

  • Learn the Rules: Before you begin a pool reno, it is good to make yourself familiar with the local regulations regarding pools. And after finishing the project, you will need to get the pool certified. Pool certification in Stanhope Gardens can be arranged when your project is completed.
  • Change the Type of Pool: People don’t like older-style pools because of the excessive chlorine in the water. It is hard on the eyes, the skin, and all the things that encounter it. However, there are alternative systems that are gentler and require fewer chemicals. For example, saltwater-based systems generate their own chlorine, and ozone-based systems use very little chlorine. You might also consider adding a UV light system to the filtration to reduce maintenance further and help make the water more pleasant and natural.
  • Resurface the Pool: When you look at the pool, you are looking at either the tiles or the plaster or at least the paint. If you research pools on the internet, you will see how dramatic changing the color or the tiles in a pool can be. Find a pool you love, and then locate the appropriate craftsmen to make it happen. If the pool is already looking dated, the chances are that these changes might be needed soon anyhow. Therefore, it is a great selling point to mention that your pool has recently been resurfaced.
  • Change the Perimeter and Landscaping: Sometimes, a pool can look like an afterthought or that it just doesn’t belong. Generally, pools are pretty large, and they really should be the feature of the yard. It might be a good idea to consult with a landscaper to see what can be done with your property to make the whole yard works together.

A luxurious and beautiful pool will always be a strong selling point, and there is a good chance that the increase in value will be substantially more than the investment. On the other hand, if the pool is a red flag, it could be reducing the property value way down. People love the thought of a pool, but not one that will be a lot of work and looks like city property.

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