Discover the Astounding Street Markets in Bangalore

Bangalore, or Bengaluru as it is now called, is the very soul of southern India. It is a sprawling and cosmopolitan city (one of the most populous in the country) and the sheer medley of cultures makes the city a delight to be in. The people of Bengaluru are full of life – their love of fun and the finer things in life seems endless. This explains the great nightlife, entertainment and cultural scene, and the numerous romantic restaurants in Bangalore city. Not far behind is the mindboggling number of options when it comes to shopping. High end malls and retail outlets apart, Bengaluru has a lot for the bargain loving street shopper as well. Something for every budget, right? Let us take a look at some of the best-known street markets in town –

·       MG Road – MG Road is probably the most popular neighbourhood in Bangalore. Its proximity to the top hotels in Bangalore makes it one of the most frequented places as well. The street market here has a number of stores selling assorted ware from traditional handicrafts and silk sarees to artefacts, jewellery, and even toys.

·       Chickpet Market – If it is beautiful sarees, lehangas, and ethnic wear you are interested in, Chickpet Market is the place to be. You are likely to find an astounding variety of sarees from across India in different fabrics with or without embroidery and embellishments. This market is crowded during the festive season.

·       Malleswaram Market – Malleshwaram Market is a flower market like no other. While it is indeed a street bazaar, the entire neighbourhood is filled with the sweet smell of fresh flowers every morning. It is a popular place for event planners, wedding organizers, and even householders to visit and buy colourful blooms.

·       Gandhi Bazar – Gandhi Bazaar is another very popular street market that is frequented by householders. The street is lined by stalls and shops selling fruits, vegetables, spices, and condiments. The fragrant aroma of freshly ground chilli, coriander seeds, and turmeric is quite enticing and the market is always full of people trying to pick the best bargain.

·       Commercial Street – Commercial Street is a favourite with the women in the city. It is a veritable treasure trove of jewellery. While most popular for its silver jewellery shops, this is the perfect place to find other costume jewellery and metal accessories as well. As with other markets, street vendors expect enthusiastic bargaining.

·       Jayanagar 4th Block – Jayanagar 4th Block is another heady street shopping experience in Bangalore. This market is ideal for clothes, bags, footwear, costume jewellery, household goods etc. Bargaining is quite the norm and really good quality products can be found at very reasonable prices if we bargain right.

·       Brigade Road – Brigade Road is another popular street market located close to MG Road. This is the place the young boys and girls hang out and bargain shop for trendy but inexpensive clothes, bags, footwear, and even electronics. Catering to them are the numerous cafes and eateries that line Brigade Road.

·       Avenue Road – Bangalore is known for its book and fun-loving people. Here is a market that is a great hit with book lovers. Avenue Road is the go-to place for second hand books in excellent condition. The text books are quite a steal and you may also want to check with the vendors here if you’re on the look out for some out-of-print edition.

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